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Ownership was the first element of BEE implemented in South Africa and remains the central theme of BEE. It aims to transfer part ownership of productive assets to people of colour in South Africa. 

Although BEE compliance is voluntary, on a practical level the scorecard system makes it difficult to avoid. While most elements on the scorecard can be bought through employing people of colour or spending money on each category, ownership offers the greatest advantages.

The following elements make up the Rights of Ownership: 

  • Voting rights in the hands of people of colour
  • Equal voting rights for all shareholders, including people of colour 
  • Economic interest in the hands of people of colour 
  • All shareholders must receive distributions in proportion 
  • Net Value Transfer in the Revised Codes refers to value actually transferred to people of colour

At Phoenix Finance, we focus on helping South African owned businesses and corporations address the complex nature of black ownership. 

Our consultants assess your B-BBEE ownership scorecard to prepare you for an official BEE audit.

During the assessment, we take a look at the following:

  • Net Value Risk 
  • BEE commission concerns 
  • Continuing consequence calculations 

Phoenix Group Finance – BEE Advisory Services South Africa 

Without addressing ownership, it is almost impossible to achieve a strong B-BBEE status. At Phoenix Finance, we help you structure and implement a sustainable BEE strategy with Ownership in mind. 

Contact us to find out more. 

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