Building A B-BBEE Strategy

Building A B-BBEE Strategy

To help your company reach the right level of BEE Compliance, it entails creating and implementing a BEE Strategy that works with and for your business.

With Phoenix Group, we understand that there are several components involved in this process.

We understand that radical transformation affects everything that your business does – including how your company will do business in the future, who your company will do business with and what types of business your company gets involved with.

It is therefore vital that a practical approach is taken, and your business strategy and BEE strategy align – ensuring your company’s survival and success in South Africa’s ever-changing political climate.

How can Phoenix Group help you?

The Phoenix Group team has experience in identifying hidden opportunities and solutions that will assist your business to rise to the challenges that the amended BEE codes present for businesses today.

Together our team of BEE Compliance Consultants encompasses a combined skills toolkit that includes:

  • BEE Strategy Development
  • Organisational transformation
  • BEE Implementation
  • Due Diligence
  • Training Skills

Phoenix Group – BEE Compliance Consultants South Africa

Contact our team and we’ll gladly walk you through our BEE Strategy process. We are here to help your business achieve your transformation goals and objectives.

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